Drawing Attention

imageMy dog has a bad habit. When I am lying down watching TV, reading a book, or looking at my iPad, he has this habit of walking in front of me and laying right in front of my face. As in, so close that he is literally touching my face. (I thought this was supposed to be a cat thing…)
He wants attention, and he makes it impossible for me to not notice him.
He doesn’t look up at me with puppy dog eyes when he wants attention anymore, he places himself right in front of me and makes sure that I take notice. Even though I constantly pick him up and put him on the ground, he comes right back up again until he gets, and keeps, my attention.

Stop holding back when trying to get the attention of people that matter to you. If you need to make your boss notice you to get a promotion,  make it blatantly obvious that you’re amazing at your job so that he can’t ignore you. If you’ve been noticing a gorgeous girl and she doesn’t know you exist, make yourself known-go and introduce yourself. You might look stupid at first, (I met my wife by complimenting the background on her laptop) but you start a conversation and she at least knows that you exist. Stop holding back in fear of rejection, and even if you get rejected, step out again. Make it blatantly obvious of what you want from someone and you’re much more likely to get it. Stop being passive and take the lead.


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