If you want a mentor…

I’ve heard it over and over again how we all need to have mentors to take us deeper, higher, straighter, narrower, whatever direction you want to go. I am wholeheartedly behind this viewpoint and I endorse it….to an extent.
Let me explain a little bit, the typical way that a mentor is viewed is that it’s someone who is a life coach you have a personal relationship with who can call out your failures and praise your strengths.
While that type of mentoring relationship definitely has it’s place, there are other avenues to be mentored by someone. In the world we live in today, if there’s someone you want to model your life after that is in a high profile position, you have opportunities to be mentored by them. Whether you’re reading their books, listening to their speeches, even following someone on instagram/twitter/facebook/ is a way of being mentored by them. You can learn from so many different people and take from their lives and apply what they teach to your life. If you want to be mentored by Mark Cuban, Bill Johnson, Elon Musk, Matt Chandler, Kanye West (Please don’t), or anyone else you can typically be mentored by them in some way. The reality of the internet is that anyone can invest in other people’s lives by purely pushing out content.
You can receive from so many different people, take the parts that fit in with your DNA, and throw out the teachings that don’t make sense.
If you can’t find someone you have a personal relationship with to give you some training, set yourself up to be trained in some way.
There’s no longer an excuse to not grow and expand your horizons by the teachings of someone who’s greater than you.

All you have to do is stop watching Netflix and actually do something productive…. like reading.image


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