The ends justify the means…

I was watching a show called the Newsroom-famous for the dismantling of why America is no longer the greatest country in the world. ( )
The show was discussing illegal immigrants and the hardships that they suffer to get here. There was this argument about how we should take pride in being the place people run to when the country they’re in is oppressive. We’re the ones they run to if they’re poor, we’re the country that will accept them no matter what. America- the land of opportunity…

While I can see that being a point of pride for America, you also have to examine what this line of thinking results in…

“The ends justify the means” is a completely false statement. You can have motivation to accomplish something but if you accomplish it in the wrong way then your victory is tainted. The kid in high school who cheated and gets to graduation has a much lesser sense of fulfillment. The businessman who finally becomes a millionaire but left family and friends battered by the wayside on his way to the “top” regrets his choices. The soldiers who defeat the enemy but commit war crimes in the process have gained no relief from war, only shame.

The end does not justify the means, the means is what makes your legacy. The means is what defines who you really are.



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