Driving home the other day I was irritated because of the traffic. My commute is typically thirty minutes one way with normal Dallas congestion, this day it took me an hour and half to get home.As I was sitting in my car, fuming and angry at any person who was a few inches out of the spot I thought they should be in, I had a realization of my situation.

It makes absolutely no sense for me to sit there and be irritated the whole time, all I accomplish being pissed off is making myself more pissed off.

I decided about 45 minutes into the drudgery that I needed to change my perspective and make the best of the sucky situation. I rolled down my windows, turned on Spotify, turned it all the way up, and sang way off key to my favorite songs. (Lost Boy was one of them, see previous post for reference) Obviously you can’t have the windows down and singing without some dance moves thrown in, so I added some signature white, uncoordinated gyrations to the mix as well.

Being a complete goofball and enjoying myself completely switched my perspective from misery to joyful. In that process I can almost guarantee I made quite a few people smirk because of how obnoxious my singing/dancing was as well.
Take a different look at your situation.
Anyone can conform to the circumstances around them, make your circumstance conform to you.

Make the most out of the chaos.

In the process you will vastly improve your quality of life and the life of those around you.

Choose to view things differently.


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