God is not in control

It’s very common that people will use the statement, “God is in control” in times when they don’t know what to say. I absolutely hate this statement. Despise. Loathe entirely.Why? Because it’s not in the Bible. Anywhere. The Bible never says that God is in control. 

If God was in control then He would be responsible for a massive amount of horrible, disgusting things, and that is not the God that I know.

God is not in control.

He is willing to intervene in our lives, yes, but only if we invite Him to do so in faith. There are even times that He might intervene without any invitation, but it’s still dependent on us how we respond to Him. (Paul’s Damascus experience, Acts 9:1-22)

God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ask or think. He is able to do whatever He pleases in either Heaven or Earth. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that God is not able to be in control. I am saying that He has chosen to interact with us in such a way that is not controlling as if we were puppets. 

Because God did not attach strings to all of our limbs, faith is extremely significant to Him. Christ was unable to do miracles in cities where there was no faith. Let me say that again, Jesus, God incarnate, was unable to perform miracles where there was a lack of faith… So many times throughout Scripture faith and expectation are what brought change. Faith and expectation are what get God’s attention.

Saying “God is in control” and wishing for the best is lazy Christianity based on a false premise. There has to be an exertion of faith on our part to see the consistent working of the Lord in our lives. 

Faith is not a belief that God is able to bring change, faith is the expectation that He will bring change. That exertion of faith is in letting God know that you expect Him to act. Expect Him to intervene and you will see it take place. 

If the Lord took over whenever He saw fit then sin would have never come about. Sin is a result of Him letting us make our own decisions. Why? Because He wants us to choose Him. He wants us to yearn and seek after Him. If God is in control then there is no choice, if there is no choice then there is no love. 

Christ wants us to choose Him. He wants to intervene in our lives but has to be given permission to do so.

God is not in control… Unless you invite Him to be.


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