I just threw away some of my old headphones. I threw them away because when I was listening to something every 30-45 seconds they would cut out for about a half second and then come back on. If it was just a one time thing I could have easily gotten over it, but they kept on failing. They consistently messed up and so they had no value to me anymore.

Sadly, this is what happens with our pursuits in life. Even if we have success the majority of the time, if we fail often enough we give up and think our pursuits were not worth pursuing in the first place. 
If you give up after a few failures then you have placed little to no value on what you’re doing.
The only reason I threw out my headphones was because it was easier to just go back to my old headphones for the time being and cheaper to buy some new ones later on.

When pursuing your dreams if you fail a few times it’s so much easier to go back to what you were pursuing before. The easier path is to either go back to what you were doing before or to just start again with something else. 
Your goals aren’t a cheap pair of headphones. If they break, work on them until they’re fixed. 

Don’t give up just because of consistent failure, you’re growing, persevere through and you will find success.


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