My wife and I have been married for almost a year and a half. One of my favorite things about being married is learning how to grow together. I appreciate so much that we have a running dialogue of encouragement, informing each other of unknown failures, and pulling on each other to grow. Yes, marriage is great for the fun and for the company of your best friend always being around, but it’s also amazing to grow together.

With that being said, It’s definitely not easy.

Your pride gets hurt a lot.

You learn how selfish you are.

You realize how powerful what you say and how you say it is.

It’s hard work to maintain a healthy relationship. You have to consistently update each other on your status and if there’s anything that has been left unsaid and needs to be ironed out. It’s easy to let yourself get bitter over the little things and let them build up. When they do something that hurts you, tell them, talk about it, get it fixed.

Hannah and I are both slowly learning how it’s not about writing down tally marks of what you’ve done vs. what they’ve done and figuring out who has been the better spouse. It’s about the unconditional giving of love no matter what the circumstance.

When you do something for them it shouldn’t be out of obligation or out of selfishness to make yourself feel like the better person. When you do something for them it needs to be purely out of a desire to see them happy without wanting anything in return.

Love doesn’t ask for favors to be paid back.

Love gives and keeps giving and keeps no record of wrong.

Marriage-Living out “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” in it’s most constant form.


3 Replies to “Marriage”

  1. Great post, Zack! This was a great reminder of what love in marriage looks like! (Lovely pic by the way.) This is Kara Alee (nee Day) your sister’s childhood friend. Rena and Don Day’s adopted Filipina daughter. Jared’s sister. Can’t think of any other thing to help you remember me 🙂 Your mom shared one of your posts on FB and snooped around your blog a bit. Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing what else you share.


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