Managers vs. Leaders

Managers suck. They really do. Most people experience this when they enter corporate America and experience the politics and micro-managing by everyone in authority at their jobs.
Managers nitpick and nag at you for the small things that you mess up on and ignore your victories. 

Managers are worried about how they look to their superiors instead of building up their subordinates.

Managers create fear in their subordinates.

Managers know exactly what they are doing all the time.

Managers find out who they like in the company and promote based off of personal preference and not on skill or leadership ability.
If you’re under the authority of a manager? Tolerate. Be as respectful as possible and tolerate while you look for better opportunities.
Leaders are difficult to find.

Leaders are humble and know where their boundaries lie.

Leaders create confidence in their subordinates.

Leaders are confident in taking charge of their situations.

When leaders have to bring correction, they build the person up instead of belittling them.

Leaders take responsibility when their team fails. 

Leaders ask questions.

Leaders praise those below them when their team succeeds.

Leaders don’t lead by ordering around, they lead by example.

Leaders are people with;




Difficult traits to find.

If you find someone in authority with these traits-follow. Follow diligently and take notes.

Maybe you can become like them someday.


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