God does not put us in timeout

My wife attended a meeting recently where everyone would split up into groups and discuss different topics. Each group had a leader that would be the main catalyst of discussion. One of the topics that came up was about parenting and the leader in Hannah’s group said one of the things she believes in is never putting her children in timeout. Most of the group was surprised and asked why, The leader responded, “Because God never puts us in timeout. When we mess up He doesn’t send us off to a corner to be away from Him. He invites us closer in the midst of our failures.”

-When one of our friends keeps believing the lies in their head…

-When someone in the church commits a huge fallacy…

-When family drifts a little too far off the edge…

We don’t draw them closer in and embrace them in the midst of their failure. We push them aside. We stay away from them for a little while. We don’t want to be around them again until they get back to a right state of mind, until they get their stuff back together.

Stop putting people in timeout.
Embrace in the midst of failure and speak love. Speak life. Speak forgiveness.
Anytime that I have ever gone to God in my failures He’s always filled me with a reassurance of His love.

Maybe it’s time we do the same.


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