You can change lives forever with what you say

public-speaking_2Glenn Beck was an alcoholic going into his thirties and knew that he was following the path of his mother, an alcoholic and drug addict, who committed suicide when Glenn was 13. Once Glenn became thirty he knew that he was either going to restart his life or it was going to be over soon. He was leaning towards the latter, but his daughters convinced him that his life wasn’t over and that he could restart. He had very little hope of real change and thought himself to be too stupid to change. Yet, in the attempt to get his life together he started reading an assortment of books in order to educate himself. The more Glenn read the more that he realized he needed someone to help him sort through all of the information he was reading. A friend recommended applying to Yale and Beck had no expectation of getting in, not because his grades were previously poor, but because he had such a low opinion of himself. Glenn applied anyways and, to his surprise, was accepted into Yale. In a class full of undergrads he was the only 30 something and felt like he stuck way out in the group of students. Because Glenn was so hungry to learn he would constantly ask all sorts of questions in class. The other students thought he was strange, but the questions sparked an interest from one of his professors.That professor took him out to lunch one day and started asking him about why he came to Yale. Glenn responded by saying, “Because I know that I don’t know anything. I’m a moron and it’s self-inflicted. I need to know what’s going on in the world and what I really believe.”
Glenn’s professor reached across the table and grabbed his hand and said, “Listen to me, you belong here. You realize that? You’re okay to be here.” Glenn looks back on hearing that from his professor and says that it changed his world. It changed his entire perspective on who he was as a person.

With a few words you can completely change someone else’s life.
If you go ask someone about something that was said to them that changed their life, the majority of the time people will have an answer.

One small encouragement, one small compliment could be the first time someone hears that about themselves. Implanting the thought in someone’s head that they do something well, that something they’re doing is right can change their perspective forever.

You can either bring someone to a much higher place or a much lower place with a few simple words.
You can bring abounding joy with a quick compliment.
You can bring devastation with careless words said in anger.

What you say to other people will define who you are in their perspective.

“Life and death are in the power of the tongue…”
“He who can tame the tongue can tame the whole man…”

Be quick to compliment, speedy to encourage.
Be slow to insult, sluggish to bring down.

Stop hesitating to compliment someone on who they are.
Start shutting your mouth when you want to slander someone.

Your words are powerful. Wield them with care.


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