“Follow your passion!” -Possibly a bad idea.

If you look for inspirational stories or motivational speeches you will find a lot of people talking about how if you follow your passion you will achieve great things. What a wonderful concept, if I just do what I love and pursue it hard enough I will be successful with it and find fulfillment. Do what you love and it will turn out for the best! WOO!
A good message in theory, but in reality I have a problem with it…

Have you ever watched the first few episodes of American Idol? You know, when they have all the auditions? Remember all of the really horrible auditions? The people who couldn’t sing along with the ABC’s growing up? They were following their passion. They were passionate about singing… And they sucked at it.

Follow your passion is a good thing to go by… To an extent. Just because you’re passionate about doing something doesn’t mean that’s what you were born to do.If you’re passionate about basketball and you’re a 5’6 white guy who can’t jump over a piece of paper, you’re probably not going pro. We each have specific talents and gifts in different areas. We have to gain some self-awareness and realize just because we’re passionate about something doesn’t mean we’ll be successful doing it. Learn what areas you excel in. Try different things, discover what you were made to do, and once you find out what you excel in go from there.
Capitalize on what you’re good at. You’re probably good at it for a reason.


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