The Orlando Shooting.

Everyone stop.We all have our own political perspectives that we believe wholeheartedly.

After something like this happens-it’s not the time to perpetuate our political agendas.
“This is why we have to ban guns!”

“This is why we have to ban muslims!”

“This is why ….!!!”
You’re not helping anything. 
I understand the reality that if it was indeed an act of terrorism that we should respond to it. But maybe, just maybe we can give it a day before we all use a tragedy to reinforce our ideals.

If you’re in Orlando or near it, give blood, console families if you know them, come together as a community and support each other. For the rest of the country, pray. Pray for the comfort of the families affected. 
A tragedy happens and we still somehow make it about ourselves. Stop.

(Photo from CNN)


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