Friendship and Truth

BECAUSE YOU’RE WRONG!! I yelled at my friend, to which we both erupted in laughter immediately after. My friend Steve and I were having a conversation about something (I couldn’t tell you what it was about) and it slowly grew in strength of disagreement which ended with me yelling at him that he was just flat wrong. We laughed right after I yelled because that’s just the kind of friendship we have. Our friendship would probably be considered odd to most people, but it’s authentic. We can have conversations about all kinds of things, sharing our different perspectives, and we typically reach a conclusion in which one of us was wrong and the other right. Each of us has been wrong or right on multiple occasions, and we’ve grown because of our friendship. I enjoy our conversations because it’s understood between us both that one thing is right and the other wrong, we just have to uncover which is which. Granted, one might have a piece of truth and the other have a different piece, and that also has to be uncovered through discussion.
One of the many concepts that has become prevalent in our culture is the concept of relative truth. The concept that what you believe is right, true, and good for you, but it’s not necessarily the same truth for me. My truth can be different than your truth and so on.

If that’s the case…

Then… It’s not truth.
For something to be true it has be in accordance with fact and reality. Reality and fact do not change from person to person.
All religions cannot coincide and be the same because we have different beliefs about salvation, morality, and who God is.

All people cannot be right because we all believe different things.

Someone is right and someone is wrong.
Society is so arrogant and prideful that for someone to tell someone else that their perspective is wrong is considered shocking, bigoted, and hateful.

We all need some humility to understand that we could be wrong *gasp*. (I know, shocking and hateful)If someone having a different perspective than you is offensive to you, you will never learn, you will never grow.
Get around people who will challenge your perspectives and stretch you. They are becoming few and far between in our politically correct world…


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