Make something that matters

Create something… I might sound like a broken record with how much I speak about going out and chasing your dreams… But look, as a whole, our lives consist of working to make money, resting from that work when we can, and then when we need to go back to work we do.
An endless cycle of work, rest, work, rest…
Do something that matters to you. For me, writing this blog is my exercise in that practice. If you want to design, draw, paint, write, build, speak, or whatever- do it.
Make something great.
Not for the praise or applause of it, but because you can.
Contribute something to the world besides your typical 9-5 job.
I write this to every person reading this and even more so to myself.
Create something that matters.
Not for the recognition, but because you have more to offer the world than what you’ve given in the past.

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