Stop guarding yourself

We learned as kids the tactic of apathy. “Yeah, I failed the test because I really wasn’t trying. I just don’t care.”We decide that we won’t put forth any effort so that if we fail we have a fall back to protect ourselves from pain. Apathy is just disguising our fear. We don’t want to actually put forth all of our effort and do all that we can in fear that we will fail. Because what if we work hard, put all we have into something, and then it doesn’t work out? We think it would hurt too much, so we better not try anything at all…
Mediocre is so much simpler than excellent. 

Just getting by is what’s expected, so we just meet expectations or come up a little short instead of exceeding them.

We’re called to live in excellence. Living our lives with the intent of making a lasting impact. We’re meant to live with purpose in order to see change in the world. We can only do the opposite if we let the fear of failure drive us to complacency.

Put all you have into what you do. Fail. Fail hard. Then gather yourself and put all you have into it again and again.

“Continuous effort, not strength our intelligence, is the key to unlocking our full potential.”-Winston Churchill


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