Wisdom and how to wield it.

“A wise man conceals knowledge, but a fool will proclaim his foolishness.”
The men and women that I want to be around are those who know more than they let on. These people are typically hard to find. You can ask them a question and they will answer, but you inherently know that there is more, they’re holding back what they say. There’s no arrogance or pride in what they are doing, they simply know better. They know better than to give out freely the wealth of knowledge they worked hard to acquire.
My dad is one of those people. You will ask him a question and he will answer… but not fully. You have to keep asking questions, searching for the right one. When you feel like he has given as much as he will give on one topic, you want to continue with different topics just to keep taking from his wisdom.
Two quick thoughts;
  1. You have to gain an excess of knowledge and wisdom before you can hold it back. You must have an abundance to give a little at a time and be able to continue giving.
  2. Once you have gained this wisdom, don’t be quick to hand it out to everyone. Remain slow to speak even when you have much to say. Make sure your audience is worth giving out what’s valuable to you. Don’t give a diamond to a dog.
With this being said, when I reflect on myself… There is still a very long road ahead in terms of gaining wisdom and knowledge.
Better start walking.

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