Tolerance Vs. Love

 If we’re truly a “tolerant” people, then we have to let people believe what they want to believe. Webster’s dictionary defines tolerance as “willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.” Tolerance is simple. You let other people live the way that they want to live, and you live the way that you want to live. If your goal is tolerance you cannot challenge anyone to change, you must simply accept what they have chosen to be. Sounds loving right?


With tolerance there is no change, only stagnation. Tolerance does not promote growth, it inhibits it. 
“You can’t tell that person they’re fat! That’s rude!”

True, but if you genuinely care about someone and see that they’re killing themselves? You let them know in a kind manner they need to change…

“You can’t tell that person their viewpoint is wrong! That’s intolerant!

True, but in real conversations is where we can grow.
Love is caring enough to show people the problem with their perspective. Love is taking the time to have the conversation and not throwing your hands in the air saying you give up. Love is consistent giving of your time and energy for someone knowing that you might not ever see a return on that investment. Love is respecting another person and still wanting the best for them, even though what they believe is harmful. 
Tolerance is easy, love takes work. 


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