I love and I hate resolutions.

I love making a firm decision to improve, that should be something we are doing often. We always need to improve, grow, and learn. Resolve to be more generous, get in shape, to work harder, all of these things need to be done. We are in constant need of refinement.

I hate resolutions when they are made just because a new calendar has to be put up. There is nothing truly significant about the new year that will make you change your life for the better. Itโ€™s as if for a few weeks we realize that weโ€™re getting older and we should probably try to live with some intention…

Living life on purpose and working toward what you want to accomplish should have nothing to do with a calendar. It should just be how we live our lives.


3 Replies to “Resolutions”

      1. June is when my garden starts to bloom so what better time to set goals of getting my kids to eat all the yummy snacks that will grow in a few short months not to mention all the canning I can do with its bounty.

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