Discomfort and Pain

You know when you’re woken up from a deep sleep by a bright light? How much that feeling sucks? We squint and cover our eyes. We yell at the person who turned on the light and tell them to shut it off. It hurts. It hurts to be forced out of your restful sleep and shoved into consciousness.

When someone tells you the truth, it hurts. It’s painful. When truth is first revealed to you the last thing that you want is more truth. You just want them to go away so you can go back to being comfortable.

The discomfort is necessary. The pain is necessary. To change your current state you have to go through the discomfort of transition. The time it takes for your eyes to adjust is not nice or convenient, but it’s necessary.

After you go through the discomfort, you become used to the light. It becomes normal for you. Trying to see in the dark doesn’t work anymore, you just want to turn on the light.


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