Pure Motives.

I’ve talked a lot about making a big impact, trying to change the world, the whole Steve Jobs make a dent in the universe thing… While there’s nothing innately wrong with wanting to make a big impact on the world, you have to step back and look at your motivation.
Why do you really want to make a big impact?
Why do you want to be someone who is well known?
Is it really so that you could have a quality impact on the world?…
or is it for yourself?
Do you just want the recognition?

If I sit down and really reflect on my motives, I see a lot of pride driving my desire. If I’m honest “making a good impact” is secondary to me getting recognition for making the impact. My motives are mainly selfish.

With that being discovered, I realize that I need to step out of my delusions of grandeur and into the everyday parts of my life. If I just dream about becoming famous and making a broad impact, my day to day can easily move out of focus. I have to stop thinking about everything I want to accomplish in the future, and focus on what I am doing now.
I need to understand that most likely, the fame and fortune will not come, they come to very few, I need to take care of how I live my life right now.

If you don’t make an impact on tens of thousands of people, who did you make an impact on?
Did you treat your wife well and love her unconditionally?
Did you reach out to friends and help them in their times of need?
Did you show love to that family member that no one likes?
Were selfless actions a normal part of your life?

I have come to the realization that if you cannot be selfless and loving to the people around you, it really doesn’t matter if you get the fame and money and recognition. I would rather never become famous and live a quiet life with authenticity than become famous and not be living out what I’m preaching.

Authenticity is more important than recognition.


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