So I got rejected.

I had an interview for a promotion at my job this past Friday. After leaving the interview I felt like it went okay… I didn’t hit it out of the park but I thought my knowledge level was adequate enough to warrant being given a shot at the position. Keep in mind that at the time I was the only one interviewing for the position. It wasn’t like there were a vast amount of people going for the spot- it was just me. A few days later I got word that I didn’t get the position. 

I won’t lie, I was surprised. 

While I know that a lot of people go through plenty of rejections before they ever get accepted and move up, I wasn’t expecting to go through the same process. I expected, because of some recent training and encouragement, that I was a level above everyone else. I would look at others already in the position that I was applying for and think, “I can execute more than they can.”

I let some entitlement sink in and therefore didn’t do all that I could to prepare. I thought that executing my job at a higher level than my peers would be enough to make me stand out. 

My pride took a definite hit this week. 

As much as it sucks to get rejected…it’s a good thing. 

What this is now is an opportunity. An opportunity for me to stop operating out of pride and to get back to work with accuracy and humility. I have a better perspective of where I need to be in order to apply again in the future. I know I have work to do and that there will be bumps in the road, and I will adjust to those as well. It’s good that this has taken me out of my complacency and comfort and put a boot in my back to get going.
Rejection is needed sometimes. 


3 Replies to “So I got rejected.”

  1. Aww I feel for you and your right everyone gets rejected at least once. You can either hang in there and wait for another position to become available. Or, know that you are better than what your company is giving you credit for, and move on. The world is your oyster.

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  2. I got rejected too a couple of days ago. I too thought that the interview went quite well for me to get the job but nobody was selected by the company for some reason. It sucked but you gotta make leomades when life gives u lemons. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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