In people. They’re what matters. I have no desire to have my legacy die when my house burns down and all of my stuff is gone. Working hard and getting money is completely worthless if you’re stepping on people on the journey. Heck, it’s probably still completely worthless if you’re only polite to the people around you and there’s never a genuine investment of your time and care.

I would rather have a couple thousand people at my funeral with no money left behind, than five people at my funeral with millions left in the bank. There’s nothing innately wrong with making a lot of money, but it should be a side product and not the end goal. The end goal needs to be making a massive impact on the lives of those around you.

It’s so much easier to just be head down, blinders on, and focus on yourself than to take the time to invest in other people. When you’re only focused on yourself you don’t get hurt. Sometimes investing in others sucks. You will get hurt, you will get stepped on, and people will completely forget about you even though you made a significant investment in them.

Investing in other people is not about the return on investment, it’s about doing the right thing.
It’s about putting effort into what ACTUALLY matters.

It’s not easy, our default as humans is to put ourselves first and not care about others. It’s normal to try and protect ourselves, but protecting ourselves in this fashion is crippling to our meaning.

Give more than you receive. Take the time to invest in others, it’s worth it in the end.


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