Where are you going?

Ask yourself three questions, and really ponder the answers.

What have I done?

What am I doing?

Where am I going?

(A lot of people will stop here after reading these questions because they’re difficult. Dealing with reality is something that’s easier to avoid than confront.)
For most, if we really evaluate ourselves it’s quite sobering. Most of us come to the realization that we’re a pretty crappy person if we’re honest with ourselves. Haven’t really done anything worthwhile, not really happy with where we are, not sure what we’re going for in the future…

There’s value in asking the first two questions, even when the answer is that you haven’t done anything in the past and you’re not doing anything currently. Once you know that you’ve been kind of worthless, well, at least you’re no longer delusional about that. You now have a clear understanding of where you stand. Once you have assessed your past and present you can now map out your future. Now, if you look at your past and present and see insignificance, then your future will be the same… barring some major changes.

So, if your past and present are not ideal, then what would have made them ideal? What could you have done differently? Why would you do it that way?

Once you have answered those questions, you can start to map out your future. Map out who you will be, where you will go, what you will do… Map out the ACTIONS required to do all of these things

Life can beat you down and be quite “blah” as a whole. However, if you can look back at your past and see progress instead of laziness and wasted time… That will make it better.


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